Letter from Managing Director

Letter from Managing Director

A perspective on the value we provide to our clients and our values, from our Managing Director

There are several well known reasons as to why companies engage consulting firms. Most common are the desire for outside independent perspective, unbiased by internal politics and organizational agendas; the need for specialized expertise that does not exist within the organization; and the need for additional bandwidth for a specifically defined mission or period of time. While the reasons for hiring consultants may be obvious, the challenge is to ensure that those hired deliver enough value to justify your confidence and investment in their skills. At Panacea, we take responsibility for meeting that challenge and for ensuring our clients perceive a tangible return on their investment from our services.

Professionals who are passionately committed to serving clients and take pride in improving those clients’ business operations are the foundation of Panacea. We care about making your business better. We do not consult at you, offer advice devoid of practicality, or have you subsidize the training of our employees.

Our motivation is to improve the efficiency of your business and to provide actionable recommendations that are designed to have impact on your business, not suggest the adoption of “best practices” based on a “one size fits all” methodology. In short, we want to earn your confidence each and every day.

Our consultants work for Panacea, because of the rare opportunity to practice their profession and see the impact of their recommendations in improving a client’s operations. Their objective is to understand your issues, propose solutions based on the practical applicability of best practices to your specific business, and help implement those that provide the highest ROI and acceptable risk. Our value proposition is
simple: Success is about execution! We maintain a relentless focus on ensuring our clients can implement the recommendations we provide to improve their business operations.

We are committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction, both your and your customers’. If at any time we fail to live up to these principles, I want to hear from you. More likely, you will hear from me and we will make it right. Equally important is for us to hear from you when we live up to these principles, or with ideas on how we can better serve you and your company.


Derrick L. Colton,  Managing Director


Derrick has more than 20 years of experience as a business executive and consultant. He has an exceptional track record in building world-class business development, sales, marketing, financial management and customer care operations in both the products and services worlds.

Prior to founding Panacea Group, Derrick was the CFO and COO of Kennedy King College, where he managed $53 million in operational expenditures budget and engineered the transformation of this college to 45% growth in the student body. Derrick’s earlier career included senior management positions at Intel, Tribune Co., CNA Insurance, Office of Treasure – District of Columbia, Chicago Housing Authority and City Colleges of Chicago

Derrick holds a M.B.A. degree in Strategy; a B.B.A. degree in Finance both from Howard University. He is an active member of The Economic Club of Chicago, advises several early-stage companies in the Atlanta, District of Columbia and Chicago area and has wrote over 300 business plans for new start ups.

Derrick Colton, Managing Director
[email protected]

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