“Panacea takes a very thorough and grass roots approach to thinking through the challenges you present them about your business model. Their ability to ask the right questions, and to drill into detail about fundamentals about your business (and the markets you serve) at a rapid and rigorous pace is very impressive. A combination of being entrepreneurial, and also highly experienced in big company thinking is a very powerful mix of qualities that Panacea possesses, not many can blend the two! If you want to be taken outside your comfort zone, challenged, and develop new effective Value Propositions for your business…work with Panacea”!
Andre Taylor CEO, The Greek Space

“It is important to note that while many consulting companies are able to provide the technical expertise necessary to address sales, operational, and financial problems, Panacea Group adds a most-important variable in that they are able to evaluate a company’s overall ‘personality.’ Therefore they can develop a plan of action coordinating the existing working relationships of the employees along with the technical requirements necessary to achieve the client’s profit objectives.”
Dr. Phil Matterson CEO, MRC Development

“Choosing Panacea Group to write our ‘dot-com’ business plan was more than a great business decision, what it became was an inspiration.’ ‘Not only was the task fulfilled to a standard higher than I could have ever expected, the communication was constant, and the translation from visions to verbs was flawless.’ ‘By working with Panacea, one not only hires a professional business planning firm, but a teammate, a motivator, and an impeccable organizer.’ You can not find a better value anywhere.”
Mark Zorvika CEO, Zorvika & Assoicates

“Panacea has an ability to simplify complex problems, bringing high pedigree experience combined with fresh insight. Panacea unravels,make sense of and brings innovative solutions to even the trickiest marketing challenges. Panacea does this in a collaborative spirit with the client¬s best interests at heart, and always with infectious drive and enthusiasm.”
Angelia Burns CEO, A & B Marketing

“It’s hard to believe that a relatively small web project was the start point for the creation of a completely new company. I cannot thank Panacea enough for their excellent strategic advice and hard work in making it all happen.”
Michele Parks President & CEO, Parks SPA & Salon

“The purpose of this letter is to tell you, Derrick, how delighted we are with how our unique and complicated insurance needs are being handled by you. Given the condition of the market, holding our premiums level and negotiating broader coverage with higher limits, is a splendid accomplishment. You have also helped our organization align with critical and effective governance practices, including enterprise risk assessment. We are very pleased with your considerable efforts and competence in handling our affairs.”
Pam Bolyd Owner, Bolyd Cafe

“Derrick provided consulting services to us in the middle of the downturn and has been particularly effective in assisting us in improving business management practices including cash flow management, forecasting, budgeting, practical implementation of a sales pipeline management/reporting system and sales training. He also helped us in big picture thinking around strategy for business growth. Derrick’s strengths lie in his significant experience in running businesses and his clear communication, no non-sense, energetic style – he is confident and passionate about what he does, certainly won the respect of our people”.
Joseph Silicon President, Tacomah Station

“Thanks a lot for that workshop that you conducted here in MCI for Telecom Sales. It really helped out here in when we approached few customers after the workshop specially the communicating with the customer part parent and child theory. Thanks once again.
John Wilson Senior Manager, MCI

“…I had the privilege of attending this workshop that was conducted by yourself at Holiday Inn . I must say I was very impressed with your presentation especially the ‘leadership’ aspect that is lacking in most organisations. …You will never imagine how that morning session has made me view the workfront from a different, much better perspective – thanks to you! I sincerely thank you for your kind help.”
Heather Peterson Sales Rep, MCI

“When we relocated our company from Canada to the USA we needed a solid business plan that could withstand the scrutiny of the INS. It was an integral part of our visa application, and our Immigration attorney based the bulk of his petition letter on Derrick’s comprehensive work. INS approved our applications in 5 days, surprising even our attorney. Although initiating the plan for the purpose of immigrating, Derrick’s detailed analysis forced us to take an honest look at our business from all angles to ensure that what we were planning was based on sound financial principals.”
Daniel Simpson, Business Plan Client

“I had the benefit of having Derrick consult for our business and provide invaluable feedback on structuring our local business for growth and success. I would recommend his services and will continue to seek advice from him in the coming year.”
Caleb Walls CEO, Cadeau Designs

The inventory accuracy was 56% and senior management threatened to close our facility. Panacea took control over a very difficult situation and today our inventory accuracy is 97%.
Bill Willis Plant Director, Orax Manufacturing

“You gave us methods and practices that have allowed us over the last three years to double our gross and reduce our overhead by 30%. The business is going very well”.
Austin Dallas CEO, Dallas Construction

“I have worked with Panacea Management Consultants and their senior consulting team on more than three (3) major projects. On each project, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Not only did they supply expertise in the accounting software but they also had expertise and an in-depth and broad knowledge of Technology, Industry and Methodologies covering multiple fields. They added immense benefit to the PMO at Kicco Technology and our ability in delivering on $10 million worth of projects on time and within budget.

Panacea’s Senior Project Managers all had exceptional communication and leadership skills and their flexibility, dedication, hard work and creative solutions assisted us in meeting our aggressive implementation schedules. Their ability to adapt to our approach and to a diverse team of individuals and personalities all contributed to the success of our projects”.
Hank McPherson CIO, Kicco Technology

“We had the individuals in place at the management level, but we needed a ‘team’ focused on a common vision. Through the strategic planning process Panacea helped us break down silos, become empowered, develop respect for one another, agree upon our core competencies, and develop a vision for the future. We have continued to uphold that vision for the past three years and continue to develop and follow through on initiatives that allow us to reach our goals. Panacea rocks!”
Brian Dotterson CEO, Dotterson Supply Chain

“To create a strategic plan, leaders in our business not only need vision, but the ability to plan and implement. We found Derrick Colton’s CEO Panacea Group to be the best choice to not only test our vision, but also lead in the development, support, and implementation of our most current and successful strategic plan. This plan and Derrick’s guidance have helped take KeaPac to new heights of success.”
Kristle Johnson President, KeaPac Products

“Distribution companies aren’t always run based on logic and best practices. Sometimes they operate on emotion, tradition, and denial. If you are concerned that your company may be functioning in the latter mode, you need Derrick Colton! Derrick has the intelligence to quickly size up your situation, the experience to provide quality solutions, and the communication skills to convince your company to take action.”
Russel Oregan, CFO

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